"It's called a lance, hello". 



Lance (Senior)

The lance shall be of regulation pattern. Minimum length 2,4m, maximum 2,7m with metal point and butt. Barbed or knife-edged points and hand slings are prohibited.

Lance (Juniors) 

The same as for seniors, except that minimum length shall be 1,7m, maximum length 2,7m.




Swords (Seniors)

Minimum length of blade 750mm, maximum length of blade 900mm. Blades welded on hilt, slings or barbs is not allowed.

Swords (Juniors)

The same as for seniors, but minimum length of blade 750mm and maximum length of blade 1,100m. Wooden swords with fibreglass or metal points are allowed, but no barbs..


Revolver (Seniors)

Any calibre revolver but only safe (standard) blanks may be used. If dangerous blanks are used, the competitor will be held responsible. Competitors must use a holster manufactured or home-made to fit their specific calibre revolver. No bags allowed

Balloon pricker (Seniors and Juniors)

Light material shaft 500mm to 600mm in length in total with sharp metal point.